Head of the Wizard's College in Silverport


Alchemes runs what’s left of the Silverport Wizard’s College. He was one of the few professors to survive the college’s destruction when the portal was opened in the Broken Tower and the only one who has not left Silverport. He is an eccentric, yet (mostly) friendly Gnome who has become the de facto liaison between Silverport’s original inhabitants and the newly settled Fey population. While he is not the most powerful Wizard, he is quite wise and is very skilled with Enchantments and the creation of magical items.

Alchemes currently sits on the Silverport Town Council, although tends to abstain from creating city policy unless he is needed for a tie-breaking vote.

Alchemes lives alone in the Eastern Tower of the Wizard’s College. He will on the rare occasion allow visitors inside, but only on the ground floor.


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